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"Comfort advised to all the ones which seek from the strong music feelings and above all outside head." living rain
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At Long Last!
The Much Anticipated Debut!
Being Made Available Here For The First Time!
creepjoint  kill the head
A Sonic Blitz Like No Other Accompanying
A Timeless And Skewed Lyrical Narrative
Set Against The Evolving Backdrop
Of Whatever May Occur Anywhere You Like
At Any Given Time!


In the great tradition that has brought you the Grand Guinol, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Theatre of Pain, the frighteningly enlightened individuals here at CREEPJOINT have arrived just in time to deliver you from the unsavory and despicable condition that is contemporary culture as well as human socio-politico society itself. Milit-artistically speaking.
Now, you may say that shall take some time and doing... and you would be absolutely correct! But let that not deter us in our enthusiasms and pursuits. We welcome you as well as challenge you to join forces with the Guardians of the Underworld. Or perhaps the Disenfranchised Masses Everywhere would be a better fit? You decide! That's the beauty part.
Details and co-ordinates will be forthcoming.



The Life You Deserve

As Events seemingly spiral topsy-turvy and pell-mell, up is down is out is good is bad is good again...unspeakably sick and dangerous Clouds are forming within and without Us... as We slumber dumb to the Revolution of the Mindless...the Planet evolves without Us and patiently awaits Our Reckoning...should that bacterial scum and Supreme Beings outlive Us till there is Nothing left to Infect ...purified by Blood and Fear Our World is left trembling in the Wake of Its' own Hubris...may the Glaciers melt and the Oceans rise up against Us...Faithless invertebrates All...senile and arthritic and smilingly vacant...bearing the torch to a Darker Tomorrow.



as i gaze
the monochromatic dissolution
i am content in the knowledge
that you
would bathe
in this
dismal splendor



The Summer of Hate

As Time has passed of Late
an endless Blurred Cacophony
of Denial and Deceit
Sponsored and Endorsed and Ratified
Blessed and Indulged
Awash in Blood and Apathy
Its' secrets to divulge



Psychic Gangster Reading - the Transcript.

My God! I don't know what you were doing in the Sixties... Michael got to say hello to Michael during this session too... you... you do feel spirits around you... you have felt spirits around you... in the past... you've had contact... so you're living your life as you want to... that's right... as you want to... that's good it's nice to know that... the last trip around too... you've already vowed that... you know...and I know you know... so that's the main thing... you wore a hood... that's a monk! Because... I sense that you feel you devoted your life to God and I know that too... that's all... that's all I need to say it's an era of time... you see and people say you're deep... you're not deep... you know about people... perhaps you did live 2000 years ago... who knows?... you know in that era of time you know you did... yes okay thank you... but a... it's almost like in your other lifetimes I believe you were called a failure... this lifetime you don't care... you say I'm not a failure I know what I'm doing... no no no no no... no way!... you... you didn't hurt anybody... no no no no no... no way... I [slap] sense there's something drawing you...I don't know maybe there is something that is saying "I've got to go out there and see what that higher level of consciousness is"... okay fine... go go... okay fine go... I'm not supposed to tell you what to do... but ... I don't know... there's been something like a magnet or something that's drawing you... or something of that effect... good luck and God bless you in to the Future...



Clarification of Intent?

Regarding questions arising from the Kill the Head artwork... No Great Art is without controversy and it is far from the Artist to provide explanations to the confused masses... However, flying in the face of the previous statement I will say this. If I were to intellectualize the Art, or Song for that matter, it might represent the concept of distrust of any "official" [governmental, religious, philosophical or sociological] construct and any of the "We're right and You're wrong" baggage that is attendant to it. Call it Controlled Anarchy if you must. How's that for Oxymoronic Double-speak? The Author.



Increase Your Nigrescence!

An advisory is now issued to All Who await the Microns of Deliverance. In the stressful days to come it is recommended that all Citizens of the Joint increase their Nigrescence at all times. There are many ways to intensify your Nigritude while pandering to the pointless window-dressing that has become Our Lives. Yes - this includes You.



Microns of Deliverance - the Antidote

In a heroic effort to be to be applauded by all the Dept. of the State of the Hate will making available low-cost Microns of Deliverance. These terribly precious few dear Microns of Deliverance are the Only known Antidote.



Dept. of the State of the Hate

In light of the fact that the Hate has so permeated every strata of existence we feel compelled to issue new guidelines by which the level of Hate saturation may be monitored and accessed. A color code system is now enacted. The system is as follows: Hate Saturation Level (HSL) Low-Green Medium-Yellow High-Red The border color on this site now represents this ever present level of threat. We advise everyone bear this in mind as they go about their daily business. Further modifications to this system may be necessary as time goes on. Stay tuned to this site to receive notification of changes as they are deemed appropriate.



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