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A Sonic Blitz Like No Other Accompanying
A Timeless And Skewed Lyrical Narrative
Set Against The Evolving Backdrop
Of Whatever May Occur Anywhere You Like
At Any Given Time!
Tim Harrington Tim Harrington
Has stumbled and staggered in semi-consciousness in and out of various and nefarious scenarios for nigh on a lifetime . In and of themselves , the peccadiloes alleged in regard to these imbroglios amount to but a trifling aberration , a static moment of time in space . Therefore said incidents are categoricly denied any merit or consideration by this party at this or any other time.
However; notwithstanding anything said to the contrary past , present or future ; [He] retains all rights reserved .
Scott Schimpff Scott Schimpff
Appraise me well or end cut cheek. Get mind set. Confidence lead you on. Life-style different give thought to.
News to you come far away.
Bobby Budd bobby buddd
Happiness is just a disease. Inured in these bones. Every life is a novel no one cares to read. In pursuit of Greed so shiver in the sunshine from want not from need. See the ghostly stillness drink over our existence like paradise. And like a ghost in prayer watched you slip away. If i could reach the sun and tear apart that day.